Dry cleaners software, program

Our dry cleaning system includes dry cleaners software, laundry software, laundromat software and point of sale( pos ) software. It is faster and simpler than any other laundry system or dry cleaning program. This is the best Point of Sale business program for Dry Cleaners. We remodel and design dry cleaners store. We manufacture our counter table, fitting room and other accessories for dry cleaners.


Software is originally designed for simplicity. You can do simple drop and pickup in a few seconds. It has nothing extra which you have no interest.


Program is the fast native application and it uses world's fastest database and performance does not slow down significantly over time.

For anyone

All user interface is designed to manage the screen space efficiently for anyone. You can customize the application to your own way by adjusting settings for printing tags and colors of user interface.


Program has login and module level security.

Cloud support/Analytics

Your database can be replicated and backed up with big cloud providers such as google app engine and amazon web services. You can access your data from anywhere. You can generate reports like daily income, voided tickets and most frequent cleaned items for this week. Based on data gathered, analyze customers experience.


Cleaner-POS has auto built in error detection systems and has a functionality to recover itself from most database corruption.

What our clients say?

Pricing Table Made Easy


$5 / month
1 Account
1 Project
50K API Access
50MB Storage
Custom Cloud Services
Weekly Reports


$10 / month
1 Account
3 Project
100K API Access
100MB Storage
Custom Cloud Services
Weekly Reports


$20 / month
2 Account
5 Project
100K API Access
200MB Storage
Custom Cloud Services
Weekly Reports


$35 / month
5 Account
20 Project
300K API Access
500MB Storage
Custom Cloud Services
Weekly Reports

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